Current Projects



Concept Development with Edgelab


As co-founders of the ongoing EdgeLab experiment, Lauren and Shiloh have helped to catalyze a living network of 21st century change agents focused on business innovation, systems change, and developing network ecosystems for other groups around the world.


Strategic Development with the I.C.A.S Network


I.C.A.S is a global network of 40 independent non-profit organizations dedicated to advancing sound cultures, music and related arts worldwide. Lauren has worked with participants in building practical plans to support festivals, artists, and cultural workers worldwide and aid them in designing basic operations, teams, and organizational structure that would support the network’s emphasis on innovation, flexibility, and long-term sustainability.



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Organizational Development and Strategic Planning with Living Mandala


Living Mandala is an educational outfit that offers action learning and community development through providing curation, program design, event production, and marketing outreach for a network of ecovillage developers, permaculturalists and regenerative educators. Shiloh continues to provide Organizational Development consulting and Strategic Planning support to the core teams of Living Mandala as they grow their business, design there governance structure and align their vision with strategic action.



Who We Work With

:: Organizations, Networks, and Businesses:: Develop stronger strategy, governance, and impact to co-create game changing initiatives


:: Sustainability Era Enterprises:: Eco-enterprises, Social ventures, and New tech-startups


:: Cities & Civic Scenarios:: Coalition Building and Strategy for Civic Innovation, Regional Resiliency &  Villages of the Future


:: Educational Bodies and Learning Communities:: Curriculum and Program Development,  Learning Enviroments &  Systems Design


:: Innovative Entrepreneurs:: Partnering to develop core organizational infrastructure and governance practices for ventures committed to game-changing enterprise