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Living Systems Tech (LST)

Over the last 12 years we (Shiloh Boss & Lauren Higgins)  have developed a vibrant cocreative relationship sharing a focus on cultural innovation, organizational intelligence and sustainable enterprise. Having met in our early years, we immediately found a dynamic capacity to engage in creative and intellectual developments. Over time, there was a parallel development in event planning, facilitation, organizational development and business consulting. These singular efforts as well as our passion for excellent design science and systems integrity have lead naturally to merging our focus together into Living Systems Tech. 

LST is unique due to our ability to span from complex big thinking into rapid development and detailed articulations. Our work together is fun and we enjoy yielding excellent results through our high standard of work and complimentary skillset.


Shiloh Boss

Shiloh Boss

With a focus on new paradigm principles and practice, Shiloh Boss is dedicated to bringing holistic awareness and positive momentum into the world of media-presentation, events, curriculum design, community building and organizational development. Shiloh shares an innovative focus on the healthy psychology of systems drawing from years of experience in Business and Administration, degrees in Somatic & Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University, as well as certification in Spiral Dynamics Integral; Natural Design in Systems, Holacracy, Conscious Evolution and Permaculture.  Her efforts bring coherence and healing change into the personal and collective learning process of teams and community through dialogue, inquiry, strategic planning, graphic recording, systems design, governance protocols, contemplative practices, and group endeavor.

As a vanguard for the emerging world, Shiloh works in collaborative teams that craft a positive future for us all. Her recent works include project managing the start up of Rogue Valley Resiliency Fund; a vehicle for directing finances into regional sustainability efforts of Southern Oregon, working as an executive team-member in the program direction and organizational development of The Gene Keys, a global learning community based on conscious evolution and epigenetics, and consulting in self-organizing governance practices and business development with an integrated design team of eco-resorts, regenerative education centers, and eco-oriented enterprises.




Lauren Higgins

Lauren is an entrepreneur, artist, and strategist committed to holistic design and transformational change in human systems. Comfortable at the edge, Lauren pioneers new organizational and enterprise models that help both teams and leaders respond to the challenges and opportunities of the sustainability era. She is known for her interdisciplinary work in organizational development and design, experimental conference and event curation, economic innovation, and her focus in sustainability, collaborative governance, and learning in organizations and society. Her passion lies at the intersection between creativity, collaboration and systems design, inspiring her to work with large-scale vision and to develop projects and environments that build our dreams into reality

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If you are interested in discussing your project, please email us at livingsystemstech at gmail.com.


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