Our Approach


::: We are committed to creating healthy living systems in business, organization and culture. Here are a few things that signify our style and standards:

  • Synergy and win-win relationships
  • Built-in learning and refinement cycles
  • Power-sharing and distributed authority
  • Transparency and explicit articulation
  • Coherence and attunement to field phenomenon


::: We work virtually. The LST team is based in San Francisco, California and Boulder, Colorado. Through modern technology we act in tandem and produce alongside one another. Often one team member will take a lead on a project and engage in person with our clientele while designing and producing together both non-locally and in person.


::: We are here to be socially responsible as well as environmentally and economically just. We design with the benefit of all of humanity and the healthy whole system in mind.


::: Checking underlying assumptions and exploring patterns is critical to the integrity of our efforts. As designers and social architects it is necessary to be in a regular evaluation of our underlying assumptions and motivating stories. Be prepared to slow down, be honest and reflective as we ask questions and explore the effect of the answers.


::: While working to improve effectiveness & efficiency- we don’t “solve problems”. We work collaboratively in partnership with clients to foster empowerment, learning & transformation within the leadership, teams and systems as a whole. We support  and provide structure to you and your team to address your most pressing problems.


::: The success of any endeavor is directly proportional to the context and conditions within the environment. Often an indirect approach can have a direct effect on a main problem. Be willing to


::: Whether you are enlisting Living Systems Tech for a short term engagement or a multiple stage endeavor, we value having a clear focus with definite beginnings, middles and ends. To assure our shared satisfaction in our work together, we deploy electronic contract agreements at regular intervals tallying our developmental path together and provide deliverable reports, complete with systems suggestions and next steps at each stage of our work. In the process, we encourage and provide a place for client leadership reflections and learning where together we hone our experience together and mature the intelligence of your system.  explore and change immaterial and ancillary areas of your business, leadership or culture in order to advance towards your goals.








Contact Us

If you are interested in discussing your project, please email us at livingsystemstech at gmail.com.


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