Our Method


To keep things simple, we have an overall method of how we engage with you to support a clear pathway from start to finish.

For those of you interested in exploring with us, we invite you to fill out our client contact form and we can get things started.

We have a 5 step process in our client cycle, here’s how it goes...





Step 1 ::: Initiate :::

BASICS: Initial Interview: 90 minutes

OUTPUT: Understand basics of initial fit, select LST package and ready to begin work scope.

OVERVIEW:Beginning with Living Systems Tech starts with the simple step of initiating contact together. Fill out our contact form here. Step one starts with a simple interview like process where we get to know one another. We like to hear about you to learn your story, the context you’re in, the vision you’re holding and the general needs you have regarding your effort. We also ask important questions about who and how decisions get made, what kind of timeline you are on and what your working budget is. We share more about how we work, key principles we hold and strategies we take together and invite you to ask any questions you may have for us. In doing so, we often begin our thinking partnership together right there. At this point we can offer a clear picture of what the next stage of engagement will look like.

Step 2 ::: Engage :::

BASICS: Scoping the Work:: 2-5,  75 minute sessions **First session complimentary, following sessions billed hourly.

OUTPUT: Generated an overall strategy and method for our work together.  Produce a detailed work scope and contractual agreement.  

OVERVIEW: After we initiate our connection and we all have a sense that we want to engage a bit further, we begin to explore more in- depth together. From here we begin our consultation process and project work together. This engagement stage entails 2-5 meetings depending on the level of complexity where in we get to know your endeavor and offer our systems design and strategic expertise. This project scoping supports the coherence of your initiative and sets up the whole system for success.  
Our first meeting is complementary of Living Systems Tech. By the end of this series of meetings, Living Systems Tech will have had the opportunity to engage a whole systems perspective on your initiative and provide an overview on the approach and methodologies entailed in our offering to your enterprise. We will provide a report on our analysis with systems suggestions and strategy that then have the potential to be employed as part and parcel of the working contract that we can enact further as we proceed together. 

Step 3 ::: Design :::

BASICS: Overall Design, integrating methodologies, prototyping and preparing production.Timeline to be determined in step 2. 

OUTPUT: According to selected LST package we provide fully tailored deliverables and a clear strategy for implementation and production. 

OVERVIEW: From this point on, this is where we really roll up our sleeves together and get down and deep into the brilliance of what Living Systems Tech can do for you. The design stage is fun and innovative, full of meaningful exploration and development of the potential in your endeavor. This part of our methodology engenders powerful team spirit, surfaces important information, and generates multiple perspectives that integrate into an elegant process of how to bring our working arrangement into a powerful conclusion. 
Here our practice shines in offering multiple design options, researching and applying varied tools and methods and ensuring that the project scope is on target with the select design goals and outcomes to ensure a successful production and roll out. 

Step 4 ::: Produce :::

BASICS: Implementing the strategic plan and design from Step 3. 

OUTPUT: Preparing and producing select deliverables. Capturing learning and documenting outputs for Step 5.

OVERVIEW: Upon completing the previous stages, we are all set to fully produce whatever it was we set out to do together. This is the roll out, the production or the manifestation of what will make us all proud of our work together. Whether it is a civic engagement, a week of scenario planning, or a program launch; Living Systems Tech will provide you a thorough production of this important part of your journey. 

Step 5 ::: Reflect :::

BASICS: Synthesizing the work and learning journey in a report and reflective team debrief. 

OUTPUT: LST prepares a  report highlighting the accomplishments and process of the work journey. Team meets for a final debrief to harvest the learnings, gain closing insights from LST and prepare for future development.

OVERVIEW: Each initiative we produce comes complete with a reflection time. Together with the Living Systems Tech team we reflect on the effort we set out to achieve and highlight the key learnings, decisions and developments that came from it. LST offers you insights and support to grow your leadership team and stay tuned to the finer points of navigating your enterprise and cultivating success into the future. 

What Next?::

True to Living Systems, this final stage of our methodology has the potential to open up new vistas and even iterate into further levels of development in your endeavor and opportunities to grow with Living Systems Tech. If it seems natural and intelligent this is a perfect place to engage in a new cycle of work together and attend to new and different areas of your enterprise and systems development. 


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