:: Strategic Planning ::

Call upon LST to develop the strategies that help teams and leaders respond to the challenges and opportunities of the sustainability era.

With a clear vision intact, you and your enterprise are equipped to develop a strategic plan for purposeful action.  


LST uses a graphic facilitation methodology that thoroughly explores the context and territory you must navigate in order to achieve your goals. This strategic visioning process provides a whole systems perspective and crafts a comprehensive strategic overview.  


A strategic overview is an initial and critical stage in a comprehensive pathway of strategic action. Living Systems Tech progresses through gradations of planning  to equip you with a comprehensive plan complete with workstreams of prioritized actions, project missions and goals to prep you and your team for implementation.


This stage of the game sets you and your enterprise up for a coherent, coordinated effort  with clear goals and defined roles. All of which create a streamlined, integrated whole systems roll out.


Call on us for:

  • Strategic Planning for Action can include::
  • Strategic Visioning Process
  • Workstream Development Action Plan
  • Launching Protocols for Success



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