:: Resiliency and Civic Innovation ::

By 2050 is is predicted that  70% of the world will live in cities and urban areas. We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to create cities that are intelligently designed for humans and the planet. We have  a window of time where civic engagement & innovation, eco-villages, and leap-frogging our existing cities into bright green and culturally vibrant future is essential.

Living Systems Tech has the expertise to support these essential civic and village transitions and transformation through a variety of services:

  • Scenario Planning and Future Casting: Helping you envision the multiple potentials of your new city plan or village blueprint and  then working with your community to strategically converge on the best possible scenarios and futures....
  • Events and public engagement programs supporting culturally vibrant and sustainable cities
  • Capacity Building and Creative Learning Spaces
  • Design for promoting resilient economies- creative economic & resource plans including creative financing, city asset mapping, exchange methods, and currency design.

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